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Productive Services is an independent provider of the highest quality 
Technical Plastics Manufacturing Training 
to individuals and companies in South Africa and the rest of Africa

Our aim is to address the technical skills gaps in the Plastics Manufacturing industry's in South Africa and across Africa - from the shop-floor through to management levels – by increasing efficacy and efficiency in the workplace, reducing scrap, increasing employee morale, and ultimately maximising your company’s productivity levels, saving you time and money.
 We understand that time equals money, so our face-to-face courses are as short and as intense as possible, and the Online Interactive Training (OIT) courses on offer, allow training to be accessible at any time, wherever there is internet connectivity, 24/7.

 We also offer Public Face-to-Face training workshops, as well as customised training interventions to meet our clients needs.

Injection moulding
Extrusion blow moulding
Single Screw Extrusion
Twin Screw Extrusion


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 Please refer to Face to Face training

Maximum of 6 candidates

 I would like to invite the enrolment of people who are directly responsible (setters, supervisors, change over teams, technicians, etc.) and indirectly involved (toolmakers, engineering support, QC, managers, etc.) etc for setting the production equipment and manage the Injection and /or Extrusion Blow Moulding process to maintain product quality, cost and delivery.

The main topics dealt with are:

•            Raw materials – all the basics and advanced concepts that processors need to be aware of

•            Relevant occupational health, Safety and housekeeping issues

•            Analysis of material behaviour in defects and solutions

•            Knowledge and understanding of all setting parameters and the impact on the material and process.

•            Mould basic and advanced designs, installation, care, removal and in-operation maintenance

•            Machine functioning details, all setting and adjustments parameters and influences on the process

•            Process and equipment trouble shooting and problem solving

•            Effective shut-down, purging and start up techniques and best practices

•            Effective shut-down, purging and start up techniques and best practices

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Skype: jpsilva1808


This Training Workshop is intended for people who need to be able to set or advise on setting to achieve and maintain a consistent quality, output at the correct speed and delivery.


As this is an advanced course, candidates should have the relevant workplace experience or training,  to ensure that all course content will be clearly understood & applied.