The Plastics Training Specialists


We have been training and developing skills since
1996, and all training is aimed at meeting MerSETA and QCTO qualification requirements. 

Our training company was born as a result of an evident need for more effective training providers in the market, due to the
company founder's personal experience in the plastics manufacturing sector for over 20 years.

We have successfully trained hundreds of learners in many factories across South Africa, and offer a large range of online solutions for factories across the African continent. We pride ourselves in making a difference to each individual and company that we interact with, in the plastics and associated industries. Take a look at what some of our clients have had to say about our training.

Our aim is to address and develop the technical skills gaps
 in the Plastics Manufacturing and related industries, nationally - from the shop-floor through to management levels – by increasing efficacy and efficiency in the workplace, reducing scrap, increasing employee morale, and ultimately maximising your company’s productivity levels, saving you time and making you money.

We understand that, in this industry, time equals money, so the face-to-face courses that we offer have been created to be as short and as intense as possible, and the Online Interactive Training (OIT) programs on offer, allow training to be accessible at any time that employees are available, anywhere where there is internet connectivity.

We keep consistently abreast of all developments and new requirements from the SETAs, and other relevant authorities, and adhere, and contribute as much as possible to motivating learners to embark on the National Qualifications Framework path.

Our passion is to assist all employees to become part of a fully skilled workforce and a valuable asset to the company, and we strive to offer training programs that are meaningful, complete and effective.

Our approach is to offer individual courses and clustered packages that work together  to complement the aspirations of the learner. This should bring maximum benefit to the individual and the workplace.

We believe that every employee should have e clear understanding at the various levels (entry, intermediate, high and expert) of 4 key aspects in plastics manufacturing, i.e. People, Material, Equipment and Process.

When the above conditions exist, a strong sense of teamwork can be achieved, with members ensuring support for each other in upholding all aspects of quality, from personal performance, to high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).