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"The Injection moulding course that was presented at our plant has helped us to overcome basic setting and processing errors that we have been experiencing. Our setters are asking the correct questions and as a team, support each other with the knowledge acquired to solve problems.

They understand the machine and tool operations in more detail which makes it easier to solve problems with regards to the process. The practical training on the simulator was also of value as the candidates could observe changes without producing scrap"

Stephen Cochrane, Components Superintendent - Autoliv

"I, Production Manager of Megapak Pinetown, KZN, wish to confirm that myself and my Production Foreman, Process Technicians, Setters, and Trainee Setters, have attended the Productive Services Extruder Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding Courses.

We have found the courses very interactive, and informative, which has improved our knowledge of Plastic Processing tremendously and helped improve our individual work performances substantially and being instrumental in increasing our production ratings all round.

We now have higher production outputs and low scrap and downtime statistics.

I have had 23 people on my staff attend these courses and the improvement in their work performances was noticeable to a large degree.

I would recommend these courses to anyone wanting to improve their Production Statistics in future. Thank you to Productive Services for helping me to fill in a gap in the education of my staff.”

Sandy Gounden, Production Manager Megapak Pinetown

 “Great course, THANK YOU!!”
Mark de Castro, Managing Member, Dynamic Plastics, Setting Injection Moulding course

“I will be the best after this course. When going to work, I will be competent. I think all setters should attend this course because it is useful”
Setter, Dynamic Plastics, Setting Injection Moulding course

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Coach explained every aspect of Injection Moulding”.
Setter, UEC Altech, Setting Injection Moulding course

“Course was interesting, challenging, gives me more knowledge about injection moulding”
Setter, Megapak, Setting Injection moulding

“…Thanks a lot, we enjoyed and loved the training.”
 Learner Setter, Plastop (BHS), Entry Level & Setting injection Moulding

“I am proud to be one of your students from the beginning – you are the best. May all that you share with us lead us to a bright future. You are the best facilitator ever.” 
 Learner Setter, Plastop, Entry Level & Setting Injection Moulding

“Just want to say thank you for everything, you did make life easier for me in injection moulding.”
Learner Setter, Plastop, Entry Level & Setting Injection Moulding

“More people should attend this course, should be 2 x a year to refresh!”
Process Technician, Megapak, Setting Extrusion Blowmoulding

“Learned and gained a lot of knowledge in all aspects of this course. Was very motivating”
Process Technician,  Megapak, Setting Extrusion Blowmoulding

“Course was interesting, I learned more techniques about troubleshooting”
Setter, Megapak, Setting Extrusion Blowmoulding