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Complete Library of Individual Online Courses

Injection Moulding Courses

Introduction to Injection Moulding
Injection Moulding Basics
Decoupled Moulding
Intelligent Moulder
Process Control Systems
Processing Parameters for Scientific Injection Moulding
Electric injection Moulding
Injection Mould Setup
Processing for Profit

Scientific Troubleshooting for Injection Moulders
The effects of Shrinkage, warpage and part ejection
The effects of Mould filling, Gating and Weldlines
Establishing a scientific moulding process

Blow Moulding Courses

Extrusion Blow Moulding Series

Extrusion Courses

Single Screw Extrusion

Twin Screw Extrusion

Raw Materials Courses

Understanding Plastics

Material Drying Technology

Mechanical behaviour of Polymers 

Purging for Scientific Molders: Intermediate

Purging for Scientific Molders:  Advanced

Injection Moulding Maintenance Courses

Injection Moulding Machine Maintenance

Injection Mould Maintenance

Injection Moulding hydraulics

Technical Skills Courses

Geometric dimensioning & Tolerancing

Blueprint Reading

Maths for Injection Moulders

Maths for Blow Moulders

Maths for Extruders

Scientific Skillset Labs: Intermediate 

Scientific Skillset Labs: Advanced

The 5S System SkillSet™ Series

Automation & Robotics for Scientific Moulding

Basic Measuring Tools

Intermediate Measuring Tools

Advanced Measuring Tools

Design Courses

Mould Design & Mould making

Plastic Part Design Series


Certification Exam for Injection Moulding Maintenance

Certification Exam for Injection Moulding Quality

Certification Exam for Injection Mould Setters

Certification Exam for Injection Moulding Professionals

Advanced Certification Exam for Scientific Processors

Certification Exam for Injection Mould and Part Designers