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Establishing a scientific injection moulding process
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This scientific moulding training course provides participants with in-depth processing information to better prepare them for making appropriate and cost-effective decisions when establishing or improving a scientific injection moulding process.

The course teaches a processing strategy that properly decouples 1st stage fill from 2nd stage pack. Students who understand and utilize the strategy described in this course will produce processes with a much higher repeatability. The steps outlined in this course are intended to quickly establish a scientific injection moulding process, reduce downtime and improve process efficiency.
General Rules for Scientific Processing

  • Scientific Process Optimization Strategies
  • 1st Stage Filling
  • 1st Stage to 2nd Stage Transfer
  • 2nd Stage Pack
  • Screw Delay
  • Screw Recovery
  • Screw Decompression
  • Cooling Time
  • Mould Opening
  • Part Ejection
  • Mould Closing
  • Clamping

 1-2+ hours