The Plastics Training Specialists

Skills gap analysis & Pre-assessments

We provide skills gap analysis services to identify the skills lacking in your production workforce, and then a plan on how to fill the gaps. In our team we have a qualified Skills Development Facilitator who can be appointed to assist you with an official workplace skills plan and annual training plan to submit to the MerSETA. 

In order for us to recommend the best suited training methodologies and levels, and for us to be able to reduce repetition for the learners, as well as eliminate any wasted training budget, we recommend conducting pre-assessments on your staff to see where education, training gaps and poor skills are, in order for recommendations to be made as to what training will best address those gaps.

We do thorough pre-assessments of candidates on request, up to NQF level 5 in Injection Moulding. The NQF level chosen to be tested against determines the length of time of the assessments because our procedures ensure that any gaps up to the NQF level which has been chosen, can be identified in the preceding NQF levels.